Over the last 35 years Anthony Reece has personally produced for broadcasting, animation, gaming, production, music, media and generally in the entertainment industry.

The bio of our director Anthony Reece is vast to say the least. Anthony has literally “been there done that”, and then some. From his early days as a night club dj, music vj, and spring break mc in Florida, to on-air work as a classic rock, metal, and top 40 radio dj, and touring as a keyboard player and vocalist, Anthony learned quickly how to create, record and deliver the goods as a professional creative talent.

His 30 plus years of hands-on, in-depth experience as a voice actor, sound producer, entertainment casting director, studio director and voice over talent, along with years as a voice over coach, studio head, award winning narrator and broadcast producer assures you’re working with a veteran voice artist and unique, out-of-the-box thinking creative professional.

Anthony has literally produced, developed and/or directed hundreds of projects from sound tracks, to media, video and voice overs for animation, cartoons, radio, tv, telephone messaging, short films, video games, dvd’s, multimedia, phone apps, theme parks, magic shows, puppet shows and more. As a exp’d voice actor and voice talent himself, Anthony has personally voiced projects worldwide, not to mention his credits as a casting director on numerous gaming titles, broadcast spots, and other media projects. You’re in good hands with Anthony Reece on your team.


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